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. . .06.06.2011
Unfortunately, i cant add new things on this web pages because host server is suck since 2012 and that admins too. I make plans move all content on new host server.
. . .10.10.2011
DM-Tenshi for UT2004 release now. Download here.
. . .23.08.2011
New release comming soon "DM-Tenshi" for UT2004. That´s more than three years from my last map for ut2k4, everyone jump to the UDK "yes me too" but its three months back when i get an idea . . . new level for ut2k4, maybe from nostalgy or from enthusiasm for this unreal series.
. . .15.07.2010
New level release for CBP3 Pack. "DM-CBP3-Radiant".
After release of the latest part of cbp3 pack vol.2 i start creating maybe last level for this cbp series as a bonus content, but who know ? This level is in UT2004 style, with a strong focus on gameplay and less details than the other UT3 maps. For this bonus content and other stuff visit CBP3 site.
. . .11.04.2010
Community Bonus Pack version 2 finally release.
This pack features eleven maps, two new pickups and domination gametype mode (same like Vol.3). If you have using the .previous version, please download this version if you want play this stuff online.
PS3 version is not available for now, so be patient for some information about that.

. . .Latest release: DM-Tenshi. . .


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